The Good Enough Studio
  • Author: Nona Orbach
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

The Good Enough Studio

Organize your space in the best way to achieve therapeutic significance.

“The good enough studio”—derived from D.W. Winnicott’s notion of the good enough mother—serves as a safe space where clients, students, and artists find modes of expression and being that unveil their own authenticity and connection to the archaic creativity of humanity.

As a global art therapist and educator, Nona Orbach facilitates this profound alchemy of self-transformation by attending to the nonverbal, intuitive choreography that each individual uses in order to create.

In Orbach’s groundbreaking therapeutic model, the consciously organized studio is a place of acceptance where actions, materials, and the space itself “speak” and guide discovery.

    • In this book readers will learn how to:
  • Organize an open-studio setting
  • Create an environment of acceptance and choice that facilitates transformation
  • Understand action-material relationships as emotional and pedagogical communication
  • Discern and mirror each individual’s creative blueprint

The insights of The Good Enough Studio will cultivate the work of those interested in the phenomenology of materials: artists, educators, therapists, and parents, as well as the nonprofessional and curious reader. Through guidance and case studies, Orbach shows how the creator’s poetic truth can lead to integration and well-being.

Nona Orbach is a multidisciplinary artist, therapist, blogger, lecturer, and facilitator of workshops for art therapists in Israel and around the world. Her artwork engages with archeological and historical contexts and is compiled under the title Tel-Nona. As an excavator in the Tel (mound) and preserver of the artifacts in a blog/virtual library, Nona metaphorically revives the great Alexandrian library that burnt down with its million scrolls in the first century BCE. Tel-Nona preserves its spirit of sharing knowledge in an international humanistic project.

She also leads a social movement to change the Israeli education system through the learning and understanding afforded by the studio and the language of materials. Her online learning community includes over 7,000 participants from the fields of education and therapy. She has created an English blog and a study group with the title of this book to circulate her ideas internationally.

Her previous book, The Spirit of Matter, co-authored with Lilach Gelkin, has been an immensely useful tool for therapists and educators for many years. Published in Israel in 1977, the PDF English version of the book is sold on her website.

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