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eBookPro promotes indie authors in all genres;

accompanying each author in accordance with their own, personal vision. The process begins with the first pages & continues throughout editing, designing, producing, launching & then promoting the manuscript on where it will be marketed & exposed to Amazon’s many readers.

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Translating & Editing

Translating books into English is a craft that enables your book to reach the world. Since there are various types of writing and even more systems of translating, eBookPro specializes in matching each book and author with the best and most suitable translator, ensuring that the outcome is precise…

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Content is available on many platforms. eBookPro specializes in creating content formatted correctly for all available platforms on today’s market including printed books, audio books etc. Content is available on many platforms. eBookPro specializes in

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Top Selling Books on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to get lost. There are more than 4,000,000 digital books on the site, as well as more than 30,000,000 printed books and thousands of books are added every day.

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Literary Agency

A literary agency represents writers and their written works with publishers, film producers and studios, theater producers etc. The main goal of a literary agency is to bring a book to the world by finding the relevant publisher to execute the translation, editing ...

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Especially For Experts

eBookPro works with many authors and understands that each and every book requires its own specia.l attention and expertise to create the best possible outcome. We guarantee complete understanding the book’s genre, the target audience and marketing platforms, the trends, and of course, the specific and personal goals of the author…

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Our Unique Specialties

Branding is connected to the emotional part of our brain. It is what turns a product into one that can be easily identified and thus marketed PPC is a very effective marketing tool used to direct traffic to a …

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Dorit Silverman

Until the morning hours over 1,500 eBooks were sold, $3.5 each

Gideon Amichay

You amazed me with your wisdom and brilliant solutions

Erez Aharoni

You showed me a huge innovative ocean of a digital world

Dalia Rosenfeld

I’m speechless… Thank you from the bottom of my heart