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eBookPro promotes indie authors in all genres.

We accompany authors according to their personal vision. The process begins with the first draft of translation and continues through the editing and design phase. After production, the book is launched on, where we market and promote it to millions of readers.

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We Specialize in

Translating & Editing

We specialize in translating books from Hebrew to English. The translators on our team are versed in a variety of genres and is led by our Editor-in-Chief, who has years of experience in the field of translation and editing…

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We publish books in a variety of formats: paperbacks and hardcovers, digital and audio books. Production includes the professional design of book covers. Authors play an active role in the production…

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Top Selling Books on Amazon

We are the leading experts in Israel when it comes to marketing and sales on Amazon. Numerous authors have gained worldwide acclaim, sold thousands of copies of their book and received excellent reviews. Many have become bestsellers…

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Literary Agency

eBookPro represents Israeli authors abroad. It offers publishing houses and literary agents the literary and distribution rights to a book, enabling them to sell and/or translate in their given country. Our international catalog is sent to other agents and publishing houses and distributed at international bookfairs in Frankfurt, Beijing, Bologna, New York and London, among others…

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Especially For Experts

We promote the work of academics, experts, and specialists in a variety of fields; such as science, medicine, psychology, education, business, language, health and many more. Our specialists gain worldwide exposure, increasing their stature as expert in any given field…

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Our Unique Specialties

We turn a book into a “brand” by writing a suitable book description, designing a ” Fit to Genre” cover, and creating paid ads campaigns on Amazon and Facebook (PPC).
An additional, special service is promoting books in China, including translation into Chinese, production and distribution on the most popular websites in China…

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Dorit Silverman

Until the morning hours over 1,500 eBooks were sold, $3.5 each

Gideon Amichay

You amazed me with your wisdom and brilliant solutions

Erez Aharoni

You showed me a huge innovative ocean of a digital world

Dalia Rosenfeld

I’m speechless… Thank you from the bottom of my heart