We publish books in a variety of formats: paperbacks and hardcovers, digital and audio books. Production includes designing book covers. Authors are guided by our team, and play an active role in the process.

Paperbacks - production

Paperbacks are designed according to category; fiction or, non-fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, art books, textbooks, etc. Books can be printed upon request when ordered from Amazon (Print on Demand). While there is no difference in quality between printed books or books printed on demand, there is a significant difference in cost for the author.

Instead of printing copies, storing them and sending them to buyers, once the book is purchased online, Amazon prints it and sends a copy directly to the buyer. The author can follow the book’s sales and receives royalties for each copy sold. The author has the copyrights.

Hardcovers – production

Some genres are more suitable for print in hardcover; art books, children’s books, coloring books, textbooks and books in certain fields of expertise. Print on Demand is also available for hardcovers. The quality of the pages is higher with thicker pages that weigh more than those in paperback books.

We design books for hardcover editions as well, offering both digital and printed versions.

Digital books – eBooks

At eBookPro, we specialize in creating digital books, which can be read on a variety of different devices, such as Kindle, PC, smartphones and iPads.

On Amazon, eBooks are the most popular, allowing readers from all over the world access to a book within minutes, exposing an author’s work at minimum cost.


We expertly create audiobooks, using professional narrators who are matched in accordance to genre and content. Recordings are done in sound studios, providing a high quality spoken version. Audiobooks have become enormously popular on Amazon.

This format allows authors to reach a wide range of readers, including the visually impaired, people on the run who listen while commuting and while exercising, etc.

Cover Design

We are pros when it comes to book covers. We know what potential readers find appealing. Our team of professionals creates covers in accordance with the book’s genre.
According to studies, choosing which book to buy depends 70% on its cover and name. On Amazon, the number of books immediately available is endless, while the amount of time invested in deciding which book to buy, is relatively short. Readers decide intuitively which book to buy. While it is not always clear why they buy what they buy, we have researched what appeals to readers and utilize this information when we design book covers.

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