דר’ קובי לביא

Dr. Jacob Lavi is a sixty-six-year-old veterinarian who has owned a pet hospital for the past thirty-six years. Over his professional life he practiced pig medicine for many years. Married for forty-one years, Dr. Lavi has a son, three daughters, and five grandsons, all of whom live with six dogs and twelve cats. Dr. Lavi lives in a peaceful village by the beach in beautiful northern Israel. He is a true book lover who has read literary works of all genres.

Dr. Lavi wrote his first book in Thailand where he loves to vacation, away from all the hassle of daily life. He has always dreamed of a perfect world and of how it could be achieved. As an individual living in the conflicted Middle East, he hopes to find a solution. And he just might have… read this book which opens up a new approach, and you will see. There may still be hope for a better future.