Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai

Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai is an occupational psychologist and senior clinician, as well as an internationally practicing counselor, instructor and workshop leader. Her pioneering work connects clinical therapy with practical fields of occupation, work and career. She is a specialist in consulting family businesses as well as individuals seeking emotional therapy in the field of career and help in career development. Her experience as consulter for thousands of individuals, organizations and families has acquired her with an exceptional and multidimensional perspective.

Dr. Yaffe-Yanai has established, developed and managed, together with her husband, Dr. Dov Yanai, the Adam Center (now the Adam-Milo Center), a leading Israeli center for diagnosis and counseling in the area of human resources. She is also the founder of AMI (Family Businesses in Israel), a pioneer organization in the field of familial business within Israel and around the globe. She has established, together with other partners, a center for career diagnosis and consultation, and the employment incubator within the framework of “Wisconsin Plan,” a governmental socio-occupational program, with the goal of making business solutions possible for individuals with employment difficulties.

Dr. Yaffe-Yanai consults various organizations, such as the Israeli IDF, Ministry of Defense and national social security, in respect to personal and professional realization, as part of bigger rehabilitation processes.

In the year 2000, her bestseller was published, the culmination of Dr. Yaffe-Yanai’s work, “Career Your Passion,” which has been translated so far into five languages.