Eldad Beck

Eldad Beck

Eldad Beck is the Berlin-based correspondent of the Israeli daily “Yedioth Ahronoth” since 2002, covering Germany, Central Europe, and the EU. He is one of the rare Israeli journalists who reported from Arab and Muslim countries – such as Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan – about major events in the Middle East.

In 2009, he published his first book in Israel, “Beyond the Border”, about his experiences in those countries. In 2014, he published his second book in Israel, “Germany, at Odds”, questioning common perceptions of Germany today.

Eldad was born in Haifa in 1965. He studied Arabic and Islam at the Sorbonne University in Paris; he was Middle East affairs correspondent of IDF Radio and the newspaper “Hadashot”, as well as the Paris-based correspondent of IDF Radio, the Jerusalem Report, the Jerusalem Post, and Israel’s Channel 2.

Between 1997 and 2000, Eldad was a project-coordinator in East Africa and the PA territories for an Austrian governmental organization. Between 2000-2002 he was the Vienna-based correspondent of the Israeli daily “Maariv”.

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