Dr. Dov Yanai

Dr. Dov Yanai is an entrepreneur, a businessmen and a leading consultant worldwide.

A graduate of psychology, philosophy, economics and business and holds a Ph.d in human resources and organizational consulting.

He is the founder of ADAM group, the leading human resource group in Israel. The group specializes in recruitment’ selection, diagnosis and organizational consultancy and development, psycho-medical diagnoses and other special projects in the field.

Dov is the the president of the Israeli national student union, a worldwide consulting and development organization with more then 10 countries around the world. Among its activities are international social employment solutions, family business consulting and personal career advisor.

Dov Yanai is a leading professional and developer of tools and models in the field of human understanding. His developments include the: “SILVER ACE” model-for excellence, and OREN “organization energy” method for organizational and personal development, both are advanced and holistic approaches that are a breakthrough in the connection between theories of management and theories of the individual.

Among his vast public professional activities: the president of student body,

town council member, chairmen of ILAD Israel future society and chairmen of EMET research center for science and consciousness.

Dov Yanai has vast international experience. He is a leading consultant to management of companies around the world including: western and eastern Europe, Russia, USA and Asia, in the filed of human resource with regards to business strategies. He is also a well known keynote speaker in conferences held worldwide.