Dov Reichman

Dr. Dov Reichman has been a senior manager for more than 25 years, specializing in research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to marketing and business development in the international market.

He is the CEO and owner of Spectra Analytics, which provides technology/business consulting for companies, investors, and entrepreneurs and deals with investment in technology companies, working with hi-tech firms and start-ups involved in technological innovation, as well as branches of traditional industry and services.

Dr. Dov Reichman’s technological expertise lies in the fields of chemistry, advanced materials, nanotechnology, green industry, and defence technologies.

Dr. Reichman holds a doctorate in chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his research earned him the President of Israel Award for two consecutive years. He is also registered as the inventor of a patented technology for the controlled release of active substances with applications in different fields.

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