Talma Brill

תלמה בריל

Talma Brill has over 30 years of experience in the field of chirology (hand reading) as a diagnostic tool. She is known for her book, website, the courses she offers therapists, and her counseling meetings. Her students speak of her as an inspiring teacher and those who consult her are strengthened and awed by her.

Talma Brill has contributed to the field of diagnostic hand reading in a way that is unique. She has enriched the ancient and modern knowledge of chirology with the validity of scientific research. She has conducted two scientific studies on the palms of mental patients at a university hospital and then researched the palms of people from the ultra-orthodox sector in Israel. In all three studies statistics have proven the credibility of chirology as an effective diagnostic tool.

When she isn't observing palms, you can find her meditating, or practicing Chi Kong, or traveling in the East, always on a journey, internally and externally.

Talma Brill lives near Jerusalem, Israel is married and is a mother and grandmother.

Visit Talma's website: http://www.chirology.co.il/english