אסתי גולדפלד

אסתי גולדפלד

A practical guide to raising strong, independent, happy children

New winds are blowing in our world and we live in an era of breaking with norms, traditions and socio-cultural values. In light of these changes, the necessity arises to show our children how to be more independent and acquire inner strength so they can make their way in a new borderless world.

Strong, Independent, Happy Children is a theoretical and practical guide for parents and educators that provides answers for the development of children’s emotions by integrating intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional skills:

*Tools for handling situations of distress and the need to seek help

*Developing the feeling of empowerment stemming from inner strength, dealing with frustrating situations, disappointment and failure, as an integral part of life

*Focusing on the child’s real voice while recognizing the full range of their feelings

*Understanding children and focusing on their unique voice vs. their desire to maintain the sense of belonging within their own age group

*How to build and preserve meaningful friendships

*Adapting to society and belonging even when social conventions do not match those of the child

Esther Goldfeld is an education counselor and expert emotional therapist, family counselor, parental advisor who leads groups and workshops for children and parents. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Studies from the School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.