Zohar Ginosar

Zohar Ginosar, a mediocre student at school (who fulfilled his potential among the sea waves), a locksmith intern, a temporary pilot’s course cadet, an assistant gardener, a ship commander, a water-filter salesman, a newspaper distributor, a diet’s salesman, a palm-reader, an investment consultant, an amateur guitar player, a lecturer (in several academies), a trainer, a commander and a student of many people in multiple roles, an enthusiastic swimmer, a musical band member, a writer of songs for the drawer, a singer of some of them, a Buns distributor, an adviser of governments in developing national strategies, an import-export clerk, a start-up founder, a (rather failed) financial investor, a social entrepreneur, an overwhelmed father, a trying spouse, a searcher as a way of life, a people loving person, willing to pay the price of disappointment.

A partner of good friends of the way, and mainly – a grateful student of life, working relentlessly, every moment, to be less stupid than in previous moments and sometimes even succeeding.

Wishing to leave behind a world that is a bit better, to be worthy of the life he got and of those who have been so generous in granting him precious codes of life, some of which appear in his inspirational book – Pebbles.

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Contact Zohar: zohar@pebbles.codes

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