Shlomo Stern

I worked for many years as an IT manager for various well-known hi-tech companies. Whatever spare time I had was invested in my love for coffee. Whereas at first I drank Middle-Eastern black coffee, I moved to espresso when the first home espresso machines appeared on the market. At first the espresso I prepared was mediocre, especially when compared to the quality espresso I had tasted in Italy. This led me research what factors affect the quality of espresso, and gradually my preparations improved. I attempted my own roast, first in a frying pan, then in the oven, in a popcorn machine , and finally with a professional roaster. This book is the result of my years of research.
In the last few years, I have made my hobby my profession. We have opened a shop that sells quality coffee roasted and blended by myself, in addition to espresso machines and coffee accessories.

Shlomo Stern , born in 1950 , is a roaster and blender of specialty quality coffees , and serves as a taster and judge at Barista competitions.