Ruth Bar-Shalev

Ruth Bar-Shalev

Ruth has been coaching for the past 30 years and was one of the pioneers of coaching in Israel. She has led and facilitated breakthrough processes in many different fields; working with the military, women’s organizations, the Israeli Office of Education, and with the bond between Arabs & Jews both in Israel and internationally. Ruth has coached thousands of people, hundreds of businesses, state institutions, and trained dozens of coaches.

In her personal and professional journey, she has recognized that in each one lies a beautiful and strong spirit, that if we just touch upon it, it will allow us to simply live our true nature – a unique, emerging, vital energy, which is ungraspable but always present.

Along with this spirit, there is the dimension of thought, which cannot grasp the world for what it is – beauty, wisdom and absolute love. It captures the world through friction, prices, effort and pain, and these are also its results.

Her work is expressed in her first book – “WHAT REALLY IS”, which brings the knowledge as it is, the nature of things and discerns between the motion of thoughts and the wisdom of the mystery.

Ruth is a mother of 4, and a grandmother to 2 grandchildren.

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