Nurit Reichman

Nurit Reichman served in the Israeli army as a youth leader. She has a BA in Sociology & Hebrew Literature and an MA in Educational Sociology.

Additionally, Nurit has a Phd in Education & Social Work. For 30 years, she taught management of Community Centers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A “Sabra”, Nurit was born in Israel. Her Parents immigrated to Israel from Europe in the 20’s. Both of her parents were librarians.

Nurit retired at 65 and wrote three children books and two detective/romances. After the Six Day War she was sent by the Jewish Agency to Passaic New Jersey as an emissary to the community center. She married Shalom Reichman, Professor of Geography at the Hebrew University. She has two sons: Amnon, a Professor of Law at Haifa University and Daniel, a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley.