Michal Aharoni Regev

Michal Aharoni Regev writes books that make you want to change your life and take your fate and the fate of your loved ones into your own hands. When she is not busy writing and lecturing, Michal likes to walk and travel with friends, pamper her family with her homemade delicacies, spend time with her grandchildren in museums, dine in restaurants, shop, and sit on the beach watching the waves.

Michal writes in the early morning hours, when the first rays of sunlight appear and the birds are chirping in the garden. Her preferred genres are historical novels and fantasies that focus on powerful women and heroes embarking on quests in distant worlds, realistic and fantastical. Her characters encounter travails and obstacles while exhibiting courage, vision, determination, and initiative.

Michal is a member of the Israeli Ministry of Arts and Culture. She has worked as a school principal, a lecturer, a teacher, and the CEO of a fashion marketing company in South Africa. She was raised in a home in which a literary salon was held; there stories of courage were told by her mother and father, a writer and warrior.

Michal has been widowed and currently has a second life partner. She has one daughter and three sons and is also a grandmother.