Dr. Haim Dahan

Haim Dahan is a high-tech entrepreneur who founded and served as chairman and CEO of several technology companies including A.S.Y.D. Investments Ltd. and Kaizen Bio-Tech (2011) Ltd. Haim is also the founder and president of “Ofanim – For the Advancement of Children and Youth in Israel” and a member of the “Friends of Ofanim” organization in the United States. In addition to his philanthropic involvement in Ofanim, he serves on the board of directors of several technology companies and of various organizations including “Committed to Give”, the Jewish Funders Network in Israel, and the global Jewish Funders Network (JFN). He was awarded “Most Effective Private Social Investor” for 2013 by the public awards granting committee of Midot, an organization headed by president emeritus of the Israeli Supreme Court, Meir Shamgar. Haim is co-author of Proactive Data Mining with Decision Trees, a book on proactive data mining methods.

Haim is married to Shirley and the father of Amit, Shani, Hanoy, Yaniv, and Eliya. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Ben-Gurion University and a PhD in engineering from Tel Aviv University.