Dr. Yaniv Zaid

Since 2003 attorney, economist, and international expert in the field of persuasion, Dr. Yaniv Zaid, “Dr. Persuasion,” has been a highly sought after consultant and lecturer, teaching others how to improve their marketing, presentation, sales, and persuasion skills.
Zaid has given over 1,850 lectures and workshops in 4 continents, and has provided personal and business consulting services to over 950 companies and businesses in all fields, including insurance companies and financial institutions; communication, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and real estate companies; factories and product manufacturers; consulting and service companies; academic institutions; government departments; the security industry; healthcare providers; nonprofit organizations; and professional bureaus.
Dr. Zaid won 3rd place in the world championship for individual speakers in 2003 and participated in the semi-finals of the European championship for group speakers.