Ayelet Segel

Ayelet Segel is the mother of Ori, Ziv, Tamar and Ohad, Indigo, Crystal and the beloved rainbow children.

She has an MA in education and is a teacher, holistic psychotherapist, group facilitator, and Telos Organization representative in Israel. She is a human being walking on a journey of awakening.

Ayelet sees herself on a mission to spread the vibration of Lemuria, the vibration of the heart. Out of personal connection and work with Indigo, Crystal, and the rainbow children, she felt the call from Telos, the city of light, to the children of the world. This is how she began the journey of Oraion, the Crystal Child, through which we learn the laws of the fifth dimension and the way of love and light. This gives us the tools with which we can deal with the world of the third dimension. Dispel density and drama. Love from the head and think from the heart.