Literary Agency

A literary agency represents writers and their written works with publishers, film producers and studios, theater producers etc. The main goal of a literary agency is to bring a book to the world by finding the relevant publisher to execute the translation, editing and printing . The best way to do get the most exposure so is to work with other literary  agents around the world, who are well acquainted with the book market in their countries – professionals and readers.

eBookPro’s literary agents have established connections worldwide. They assist in the negotiation process and perform various services for authors such as: connect the author’s work with appropriate publishers, negotiate contracts, ensure royalty payments etc.

eBookPro also represents authors at book-fairs such as: London, Bologna, New-York, Beijing and Frankfurt where meeting literary agents from all over the world is a common goal. These book-fairs allow eBookPro to achieve significant results in a short period of time.

eBookPro’s work is carried out with a deep understanding of the writers, their work and the global and personal strategy. It strives for the process and outcome to be successful and has many success stories, one of which is the printing of a first edition including 8,000 marketing books in China!

While this work can be carried out by the authors themselves, it requires insider information, contacts and experience. It is much more effective to use the services of local literary agencies.

eBookPro at Book Fairs

Frankfurt book fair
London book fair
Bologna book fair
Bookexpo America

China is the second largest market in the world today which is continuously growing and widening its interests.

eBookPro has opened the doors of this market and maintains cooperation with various Chinese representatives. eBookPro also promotes Chinese content to the world.

Beijing book fair

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