Creating Top Selling Books on Amazon

We are the leading experts in Israel when it comes to marketing and sales on Amazon. Numerous authors have gained worldwide acclaim, sold thousands of copies of their book and received excellent reviews. Many have become bestsellers.

After years of research, our analysts have developed a unique method for book launches, marketing and sales, allowing authors international exposure and an excellent return on their investment. Marketing includes unique campaigns during “free book campaigns” as well as “bargain days”, guaranteeing a buzz on the internet and social networks.

Our methodology is being validated every day, considering the dynamic platform and algorithms of Amazon,  and based on trends, keywords analysis and follow-up on bestselling books.

Let’s not forget that Amazon offers 7,000,000 digital books for sale and another 30 million books in print with thousands of books being uploaded daily. This explains why so many books put on Amazon don’t sell.

Free book campaigns

This is the fastest way to expose a book. Every 90 days, Amazon allows a  five day free campaign. During this five day period, it is easy to find the target audience for any book.

The number of books downloaded on free days is greater. Some books are likely to reach a higher rating in sales on free days.

A higher rating attracts more readers who will purchase the book on “regular” days.

We also use the free days to create a buzz before launching a book on Amazon.

Bargain book campaigns

In order to utilize the buzz created during free days, we offer “bargain days” – selling books at a reduced price. These days are managed by our team in order to maintain a good rating.


We specialize in creating marketing campaigns and promotions based on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Amazon marketing services ad system enables to advertise on the Amazon website itself. It is similar to the Google AdWords system, which works according to searches for keywords – bidding on particular words which are related to the book, which allows the book to be found during user searches.