Walking the 10 Paths of Self Healing
  • Author: Nadav Ben-Yehuda
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Walking the 10 Paths of Self Healing

Every human being can heal him or herself—it is all up to you!

Walking the 10 Paths of Self-healing by Nadav Ben Yehuda has a message for every human being. For those whose heart has been broken, or whose body is shouting out due to illness, or who want to get to know themselves better in the deeper sense.

Having healed himself from fibromyalgia and cancer, Nadav shares the way in which this took and is still taking place.

The central idea of the book is simple and clear—anyone can heal themselves!

Nadav invites the readers to undertake a new form of active thinking, to listen and change their perception of life. He provides tools that will help to transition between a state of being ill, as people define it, to a state of healing, whether the disease is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

The 10 paths to self-healing will show you the way to begin healing yourself.

They create a roadmap that will allow you to encounter the values of self and community healing through explanations, examples, guidance, and learning. The map marks the way, for whoever is ready to stride on its trail, one step at a time, trail after trail, to complete self-healing at all levels.

Whoever sets off on this road, will gain a personal life-changing journey, and everything that seemed impossible will become a new, successful pathway.