This Is How The Story Begins
  • Author: Bar Bolandi
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

This Is How The Story Begins

Writing is his lifeblood. Will his dream slide into the abyss? Bar Bolandi

Charlie is an intense man, rebellious, and unlucky. He returns to his country of birth after living in France for about six months, where he went following a love which turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Broken and frustrated with his state of affairs, he tries his hand at the dream he had always been toying with—becoming a real writer. The problem is he cannot write.

When he casts doubt on the existence of love, he enters a world of mystery where he meets a woman who tries to show him the error of his ways through a road paved with obstacles and adventures, so he can break through his writer’s block.

Charlie is looking for the promised land he needs in order to breach the barrier, but his greatest enemy, self-destruction, gives him no rest and threatens to hurt the only thing that truly matters in his life—writing.