The Wrong Side of the Bed

The Wrong Side of the Bed

An unexpected encounter from the past. A single mistake. An entire life is falling apart.

Emily, a young married woman and the mother of two children, runs a small neighborhood café together with her husband, and firmly believes people must stand behind the choices they have made in life.

Except she had not taken into account that some things in this world are beyond her control: her beloved father is dying at home, begging for help in putting an end to his agony, the business she and her husband manage is treading water, and the problems in their marriage are beginning to surface.

Amidst this chaos, Guy, the love of her youth, makes his appearance, looking for closure, or actually, for an opening. It’s all up to her now.

Emily is facing a major dilemma: Should she stick to the choices she once made or give a fair chance to a new beginning?