The Son He Left Behind

The Son He Left Behind

Following his family’s sudden collapse, a young boy’s life is about to be torn between two opposite worlds.

Itzhak is a young Jewish boy, born to an ultra-orthodox family from Jerusalem. His life is turned upside down when his father suddenly abandons his religion, his wife, and his son.

Itzhak’s mother raises him alone for years until his father suddenly returns, but she tragically passes away when he is only eleven – leaving her son in the care of his father.

But living with his famous hedonistic secular father, Itzhak finds himself torn between two worlds – on one hand, he yearns to maintain the memory of his beloved mother and her religious ways, but on the other hand he is overcome by pure admiration for his charismatic father.

The Son He Left Behind brings Itzhak’s unique story to life and tells the tale of the inevitable rift between two entirely opposite worlds – the conservatist, orthodox one and the secular, liberal one, all on the backdrop of the Jewish community in Israel in the 20th century and the young state’s first years.

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