• Author: Charles Z David
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Dreadful Patriot

After signing the nuclear deal Iran persists in its clandestine efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

A series of mysterious eliminations of leading Iranian nuclear scientist is blamed on Israeli Mossad. In retaliation Israeli citizens are kidnapped and placed in notorious Evin Prison in Tehran although the Israeli Prime Minister publicly denies Mossad involvement in the fate of the nuclear scientists. However, nothing is as simple as it looks, and a series of international conspiracies is slowly unveiled.

A realistic and absorbing thriller that will leave you sleepless for nights, until its surprising end.

The Dreadful Patriot brings a sobering look at some of the agencies that operate outside the law and misguided patriots that mean well but cause more damage than real enemies.

David Z. Charles is the pen name of a renowned scientist who worked for the Israel Atomic Energy Commission for over 35 years, and has been active in the research and development of advanced analytical chemistry methods. He has also been involved as an expert in international affairs. In this fictional novel, he brings forth his knowledge of nuclear science, combined with his creative and captivating imagination.

The Dreadful Patriot follows The Dreadful Alchemist and The Dreadful Renegade, and is the third page-turning thriller by Charles Z. David.