The Body Illusion
  • Author: Adi Leshem
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

The Body Illusion

An inspiring collection of poems about the connection Between the body-mind-soul.

The Body Illusion, a collection of 80 poems divided into three chapters, reveals the challenges in accepting imperfection. The body is an optical illusion. The events that occur in our lives are the mirror to our soul, which came to life in this body and is reflected through the people around us.

Dance and poetry spring out of our souls and are manifested in reality. They touch many aspects of our lives, including the connection between body-mind-soul; The relationships between us, the earth, the wind, the universe, love relationships, children, the pain of the body, the ache of the heart, and the quest to healing and fulfilling oneself.

Who is pulling my strings

This way and that

Lifts me up

Puts me down

Messing with my hair

In a sensual dance

Telling me who I am

When the truth within me

comes out

The strings untangle