The Architectural Studio
  • Author: Gilead Duvshani
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

The Architectural Studio

Learn and understand the creative process of building an architecture project.

This book describes the process of creating an architectural project, in an academic studio for architecture studies.

The process is built on the premise that architecture is a discipline of applied arts, which is why it is characterized by rational forward-thinking combined with emotional and artistic reasoning.

The process of architectural creation presented in this book begins with the development of an idea by an architect. Only after consolidating this idea and fitting it into the designated geographical site does the programmatic planning begin, merging with the theoretical composition.

Accordingly, two processes are especially highlighted: the emotional-creative reasoning as a foundation for developing the architectural project, together with its integration to its surroundings.

The book presents two aspects of the architectural creation. The first is the assimilation of the building in nature and the second is its assimilation in an urban environment.

All of the materials in this book are born from dozens of years of teaching in an architectural studio, and experience accumulated from teaching in schools in Israel and abroad.

As the book addresses the creative process, it is intended not only for those who teach or study architecture, but for anyone interested in creative processes in general.