The 6 Divine Principles of Success

What do contemporary empire builders such as Bill Gates have in common with the Roman founder Emperor Augustus, and the biblical King David?

6 Divine Principles of Success reveals a sacred and ancient system for personal and economic growth, which stems from the biblical “tree of life”, developed over 2000-year ago. Zohar Halevi skillfully integrates different sources of wisdom, fruit of over twenty-three years of search after the formula of universal human success, into a new, flowing and exciting perspective on success.

>>>A fascinating and inspiring system that will change your perspective and approach and give you the tools to build your strong and sustainable success!

6 Divine Principles of Success offers a unique formula that promises great financial success, and has been tried and tested by a variety of target groups, including businessmen and senior officials, who have implemented the system and reported its benefits.

With 6 Divine Principles of Success you will:

  • Increase the efficiency and profitability of your business through moderate growth.
  • Improve performance and reduces the working day.
  • Gain better understanding of your clients’ interests and company’s needs.
  • Improve human relationships in your business and increase partnerships.
  • Maintains your personal and professional success and stay relevant in a changing market.
  • Gain and the lead over your competitors in every various sector.
  • Improve the quality and delivery speed of products and services in your business.
  • Enjoy your work, enhance constructive pleasure and build positive energy.

>>>An inspirational masterpiece with a holistic approach to personal and economic development.

A must-read for managers, businessman and anyone asking to succeed in business and life!