Testing the New Testamen
  • Author: Ey-Al Cohen
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

Testing the New Testament

An uncompromisingly critical look into the founding literature of Christianity, from its roots in the Old Testament to a thorough analysis of its depicted historical events.

When exactly was the New Testament written? Was Mary Magdalene really a virgin? Could the apostles be considered reliable narrators?

The base of the Christian faith lies with the New Testament being a holy, unequivocal text on the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. But is it possible that just like many historical documents from that period in time, the King James Bible was exposed to more than just religious zeal?

In great detail accompanied by the original Hebrew of both versions of the Bible, author Ey-Al Cohen brings a provocative argument as to the validity of the New Testament’s position as a holy text, choosing instead to present it unapologetically at face value: as a written account, rewritten, translated and copied over centuries, and influenced by political powers, cultural differences, and above all – human error.

A must-read book for any Christian who wishes to find the truth behind the holy texts.