Off Target
  • Author: Michael Rozen
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

Off Target

He was off target, but some things will never stop hunting him.

After many years of service in the Israeli Mossad, which ended in a botched operation and a reluctant retirement, Moshe sets off to London for a vacation to meet the daughter he barely got to raise.

Before he manages to track her down, he meets Yasmin, a beautiful and mysterious woman, with whom he spends one day, ending with a romantic dinner in her apartment.

The next day, he wakes up in a crate inside the trunk of an airplane. It turns out that Yasmin is a cooperative of a terrorist organization whose greatest wish is to take revenge on Israel for a rogue bomb that killed her family.

On enemy land, Moshe’s life is in grave danger, as are the many secrets he has been carrying from his time in the Mossad. But just when the chances of him making it out alive seem close to none, a mysterious source offers help and opens up a small window of hope. Will the skilled agent survive against the odds?

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