Netopia - Y.G. Levimor
  • Author: Y.G. Levimor
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy


The perfect reality is just a thought away, but it comes at a chilling price

In a near future world, a social network by the name of MINDS gifts its users with the unique ability to communicate directly by thoughts and recreate reality by their deepest fantasies and desires.

In the MINDS network, desires are actualized in a split of a second and unwanted elements erased from reality. The advanced algorithms of MINDS enable the user to virtually visit any place in the world or in history within seconds, in an utterly realistic three-dimensional reality. Humans can use their mind to determine everything they please – from the weather to the way their friends look like and behave. But the ultimate comfort comes at a price, and the unexpected results reveal the grand plan behind MINDS.

What stands behind this magnificent social network, and what are the consequences when the virtual merges with the actual?

Netopia follows the heroes of the network in the days before its establishment, through its launch, relationships and love, and the unexpected change it wreaks on the enthusiastic users who had no idea what awaited them the moment they gave up control over their minds.

Is the MINDS network a dream come true or a nightmare come to life?

Netopia is beyond science fiction: it is a groundbreaking novel that explores the implications of communication technology on human nature and society, the preference of warmth for realistic animal doll pets but coldness towards humans. the novel speaks to the connected and to the disconnected, to the great minds and the Neverminds. Netopia is a gleaming hope and a dark warning. So, where is your mind?