• Author: Y. I. Latz
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

I Am Not a Traitor

How far would you go to release your twenty two year old daughter who was arrested in South America?

Thirty years ago Henry Stein, a nice Jewish boy from a good family, who was born and raised in London, who played soccer for Tottenham and at 18 dreamed of becoming a famous goalie like Ray Clemence, got mixed up in a murder with his buddies and his life was turned upside down. Two of his friends were given life sentences. Just as he was about to be sent to jail for decades, Britain’s MI6 offered him a deal. He was forced to accept the offer whi saved him from 30 years in jail but created a life of lies and guilt. No one knew about his secret, not even his wife. But then came the moment when he would have to decide if he would be faithful to his country or his homeland.

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