• Author: Dr. Anat Feldman
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Health? Your Way!

Do you want to be healthier? To embrace a healthy life-style and really feel good about yourself?

Find your own voice and better your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Humankind is on a quest for a longer, healthier, and better life. It’s an issue well discussed on TV shows, magazines, books, and websites. It seems as if every minute a new health study appears before the public to bring THE answer for our anxieties about what is good for us. “Health? Your Way!” strives to inspire you to find your own way to good health by presenting fascinating personal stories of people who have not given up on happiness, abundance, physical or mental health. Dr. Feldman, a health consultant, is a therapist and a coach for the last 20 years who reveals these stories along with the latest health research and other guidelines and tips. You will be exposed to the magical power of the subconscious mind, encouraged to believe in your power to change, improve your life and grow– your way!

In “Health? Your Way!” you will discover:

  • What is the best work-out plan for my ultimate health?
  • Can you embrace the joy of exercising and sports activity at an advanced age?
  • Is it ever “too late” to begin?
  • Can “bad habits” be changed?
  • Fitness guidelines, exercises and demonstrations according to your physical goals and suitable for your age
  • What is “eating smart” all about?
  • Nutrition guidelines, menus and tips
  • What role does “self-image” play in the process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy life-style?
  • How can we use visualization and imagination in order to improve physical performances, upgrade our eating habits or even attract abundance?
  • What part does the subconscious mind play in the process of attaining our goals in life?
  • How can one avoid “toxic emotions” and clear our soul of negative feelings in order to heal physically and maintain better health?

˃˃˃ This book is for you if you’re ready to change your mindset and delve into a better way of life, your way!

“I have had the privilege to escort this book’s heroes, guide them and learn so much from them and with them about the power of the mind, the plasticity of our brain and the fact that anything is possible. This book is so inspirational and powerful that each and every one of us can relate to Oliver, Irene, Tim or Muriel and to all the wonderful individuals inside the book or outside of it, meaning: us” (Dr. Feldman).

Do YOU believe in the power of your mind to reconnect to your body and to change your life? “Health? Your Way!” invites you to stop making excuses for your limitations and start believing and doing to become a healthy person. Today.