• Author: Timna Kurtz
  • Language: Inglish
  • Category: Children & Young Adults, Science Fiction & Fantasy

From the Beginning

Warning: This is not your average tale of adventure. It won’t go down easy and it’s not intended for the lighthearted. The ideas, the dissonance that emerges from these pages will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat. You’ll be filled with conflicting feelings. Certain points will resonate with you and others you will reject totally. I’m not sure you’ll like this book, but you’ll be moved… affected. The story before you is not intended to merely entertain – it seeks to force you to grapple with the same complexities that the characters do. And the answers aren’t simple. The plot is a slippery slope and will drag you on an emotional journey: from love to hate, from misery to joy, from hopelessness and back to inspiration reborn. When you finally cross the finish-line, your worldview will be forever transformed.

When culture is washed away, humans become as wild as the wildest nature

Sometime soon, in the very near future, water rises and covers the entire earth, erasing humanity and its infrastructure. A small group of survivors manages to find shelter on a small mountaintop that remained exposed despite the flood. Here, forced to withstand avalanches, injuries and famine, as well as the excruciating pain of loss and bereavement, they must create a life for themselves and invent humanity from the beginning. As unexpected bonds and loaded relationships are formed, the constant rustle of the descending water levels continues its alarming hum. And above all, hovers a horrible prophecy threatening to come true…

Lust, danger and human instinct come together in a realistic fantasy, packed with action, romance and suspense.

Grace, a beautiful and charismatic woman, slowly takes her place as a leader of the group and the founder of its old-new way of living. From the ‘sacred cave’ at the top of their ‘island’, to the foot of the shoreline, where the tribe dwells, she must steer her new and impossible community out of doom and into a hoped-for future. This calamity Also offers a chance of a life time to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. Will they be wise enough to take the opportunity, or will their past have a stronger hold?