Beneath Our Skin

Beneath Our Skin

When boundaries are broken, love is put to the test…

Ronny, the owner of a large cosmetics company and student in a course on art, is swept into a serious adventure, when an ordinary tour around Switzerland leads him and another student named Ariella into a global conspiracy that could shatter his world and project of a lifetime to pieces.

While Ronny is far away from home, his wife, Suzy, who misses him terribly, finds herself in a troublesome situation with Shuki, an agent in the cosmetics industry.

Shuki covets Suzy and envies the couple’s success and is willing to go to any lengths to get her. When he realizes his efforts are about to fail, he decides to step up his obsessive pursuit of her by breaking all the limits.

When Ronny returns to Suzy’s arms, himself having gone through a shaking experience with Ariella, it dawns on him things have changed and he must make a difficult decision—is his love for Suzy strong enough to keep them together or perhaps it is time to part and go on new and separate paths?