All the Things We Share
  • Author: Tami Rashal
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance & Women's fiction

All the Things We Share

A moving and breathtaking story about the beauty and selflessness of a true friendship between two strong women

As she attempts to find her place in a changing world, Ruth battles with the cancer that has returned for the second time. A doctor accustomed to treating those who are sick, she suddenly finds herself on the other side of the equation – a patient fighting for her life.

Tamar, a doctor too, is desperate to leave behind the trauma from her past which has been with her all her life. A trauma that she at times forcefully represses and at other times learns to live with in peace.

The two meet after a long separation at a conference and their friendship reignites. They are there to support one another, and their lives intertwine in the face of the obstacles in their future and in anticipation of fulfilling a joint dream – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro once the storm has passed.

All the Things We Share is a powerful story about the courageous friendship between two women dealing with the hardships of life, who will do anything to remain optimistic and maintain hope of a happy ending.

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