• Author: Adir E. Golan
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: מתח, מסתורין, פשע

What They Didn't Know

An unresolved past will always haunt the present…

The bygone truths that await Jack Sullivan should be kept secret from a teenager, but life has something else in mind: an entity that is wicked with a rage so old that it seeks nothing but to quench its sinister thirst for power. And Jack has a secret of his own developing…

Can Jack cope with the bizarre, malicious forces that seek to overwhelm him?

Graduating from high school and taking steps into the real world is a big deal for Jack. Yet, the real world is full of unreal forces, strange powers, and an old battle that rages all around him. And as if falling in love for the first time is not complicated enough, Jack is forced to leave home and put his trust in strangers if he wishes to survive this ordeal. These dark, looming forces will stop at nothing to get to Jack, for what he holds is of great value to them. Jack must now learn to fight and use his newfound abilities, to put an end to this old feud one last time. Because things are getting out of hand very fast.