The Fall of the Jewish Temple

The Fall of the Jewish Temple

A historical novel that reanimates in vivid colors the most dramatic event in the history of both Judaism and Christianity – the destruction of the Second Temple.

Rome, 63 CE. At age 26, Flavius Josephus is sent to the capital of the Roman empire on a secret assignment as the envoy of the Jewish government of Judea.

Several years later, when he returns, he becomes the commander of the rebellion in the Galilee and the Golan. However, the revolt in the Galilee fails drastically, and after being defeated by Roman general Vespasian in Yodfat, Flavius Josephus is certain to be executed. Miraculously, rather than kill him, Vespasian appoints him as his primary intelligence operative.

Now on the Roman empire’s side, Flavius Josephus holds a momentous role in the battle that will ultimately bring about the destruction of the Second Temple and the end of Judea.

The Fall of the Jewish Temple reveals the true never-before-told story of the Great Jewish Revolt against the Romans and the fall of the Second Temple, based on the uncensored written works of Flavius Josephus.

For Jews it was the Revolt of their holiest place. For Christians it symbolized the transfer of the torch of faith to Christianity.