The Elusive Disease

The Elusive Disease

A brave and moving book about endometriosis, the elusive disease one in every ten women suffers from.

When death came to her door and just stood there waiting, Avivit Zahavi Binshtok realized she had to move fast and publish the manuscripts she had written and the important information she had gathered about the elusive and difficult to decipher disease – endometriosis.

Through her personal story and ceaseless struggle with the ever-present disease while raising two daughters, Avivit exposes her uncompromising battle for health and hope. She has made it her life’s work to raise social and institutional awareness of the disease which affects one in ten women in the world. She aspires to help with the development of a treatment that will prevent the disease from causing so many women pain and to allow them to live a good, normal life.

This book is a guide for women and girls who suspect that they suffer from the disease, as well as those who have been diagnosed and can identify with Binshtok’s story, learn new coping methods, and be exposed to articles written by a specialist surgeon, various treatments, incredible social movements, statistical information, photographs from endometriosis marches around the world, pictures, and poems.

You are not alone, this book can help you turn your life around!

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