Soul Mates
  • Author: Iris Gattegno Tarbuk
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

Soul Mates

Love is not governed by the rational

It is not understood by scientific methods which do not detect, prove, nor do they define love.

The same as God cannot be defined.

Love is the part of the spirit and soul, it is born and lives in the heart.

In this book Iris Gattegno Tarbuk, the well-known spiritual medium and guide, shares her unique insights into love, how to achieve, recognize, enjoy and how to sustain it. Iris speaks about the spiritual nature of love between a man and a woman. The love which only a medium can see both in the known and the other world, in the eternal journey of searching for and finding soul mates. She speaks of happy and unhappy, long and short destinies and contacts of lovers and their carnal union with energies exchange through sex, which is the most powerful magic existing in the universe.

This book is "food for the soul", inspirational and meditative reading, and a manual with concrete advice, too. To the unloved, lonely, left, and to those deprived of their loved partner by death, Iris gives instructions, prayers and meditations how to cleanse their hearts and find their true love, how to remain in the relationship. To the couples who love each other, she gives advice how to cherish and nourish their love, how to keep their relationship happy.

Speaking about love, Iris primarily discriminates between true love and love delusions. True love joins soul mates and brings them life happiness, while love delusions result in misery, sadness, distress, disappointed people, destroyed families and unhappy children. When she writes about adultery and forgiveness, about marriage triangles and other temptations in love, she overcomes moralizing, politicizing and debating resulting from different perspectives. This book primarily aims at helping all people to find their true love, regardless of their world view, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, sex, age, appearance, health, nationality…

˃˃˃ The concept of love

Love is perfect both in its content and form, it does not allow for any calculations and limitations. Otherwise it is not perfect, nor is it true. Love is something ideal, pure, without reservation, complete. If a relationship of two people is not like this, then it is not true love. In everyday life we name many relationships between two people 'love', although they are far from the concept of ideal love. That concept, besides the perfection of the soul, inevitably involves the body, so a human being is limited by that physicality. Is it possible to attain such a balance of the spirit and the body so as to achieve true love?

˃˃˃ True love can be achieved by everybody

Iris Gattegno Tarbuk, a spiritual medium, a soul reader, a person who can see deeper and farther, who is close to the otherworld, shows that the ideal of genuine, true love can be achieved by everybody. Through pages of this book, she communicates her spiritual insights to her readers and develops her spiritual experience giving concrete instructions how to attract the person with whom such love is possible, how to meet one's soul mate.

In this book, Iris answers two key questions about happiness in life: how to find love and how to keep it.