In My Heart’s Footsteps
  • Author: LaOr Paz NoyRozen
  • Language: English
  • Category: עסקים, עזרה עצמית והדרכה

In My Heart’s Footsteps

The Heart – our most accurate compass

A feeling of sadness and emptiness drove LaOr to leave on a quest.

During this journey, while facing emotional hardship, she managed to set herself free from patterns and fixations to discover infinite love and strength inside her own self.

This journey led her to write In My Heart’s Footsteps, a book interlaced with elegance, humor and captivating wit that grants its readers a feeling of elevation, hope and pure joy.

The book provides answers to important questions bubbling up inside us:

*How can we let go of negative thoughts?

*How do we steer our consciousness towards positive things?

*How do we invite the things we desire into our lives?

*How do we deal with tough situations and crises in our lives?

Laor Paz Noyrozen is a therapist and lecturer. Connected to her inner beliefs, she treats her own self and others with love, meaning, and a sense of mission.

Laor’s rich toolbox contains “the Journey”, “Life Activation”, “Energy Wash” and other therapeutic methods, and most importantly, the unwavering faith in our individual ability to heal ourselves and unite with our true essence.