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Discover the mysteries of genius Pedro Almodóvar’s intriguing film, Talk to Her

Talk to Her, perhaps the most acclaimed movie by Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, poses a fascinating riddle to the viewer: in a dreamlike world, men are in love with comatose women. Why? What is the meaning that lies behind this enigmatic film?

Mysterious messages inhabit the details

Almodóvar once said: "All the lights, colors, sets, clothes – they represent elements in the narrative, the story I'm telling. Of course I want my films to look really good, but every single element is chosen for a reason. It is telling something in the story. The symbolism may not always be clear for the average spectator; it is there more for me.”

Explore the hidden meanings in Almodóvar’s work as never shown before!

By examining the many symbols that appear in the film Talk to Her, this book supplies an astonishing interpretation for a breathtaking masterpiece and opens the way to a whole new understanding of Almodóvar's genius.

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