Broken to Perfection
  • Author: Dafna Cohen
  • Language: English
  • Category: סיפורת

Broken to Perfection

A tour de force novel on the imperfect search for the perfect love.

Under the surface of Talia and Max’s perfect love lies the truth of their imperfect marriage: doubt, quarrels, regrets, and pain. It’s that truth that drives Talia to run back to Paris, the city where her heart was broken and restored, while Max remains home, facing his own fears of inadequacy and loss. A broken couple whose past misgivings haunt their future together.

Binding rules are replaced by wild, new ones as both Talia and Max look for answers to their marital problems in all the wrong places. Dafna Cohen’s unapologetic, raw debut novel is unafraid to show its heroes and readers that life – love – is most beautiful when broken.