Our Expertise

Producing & Publishing

Producing and publishing a book on Amazon involves many aspects which we use to improve the process.


Publishing a printed book

Publishing a printed book – paperback or hard cover using POD (Print On Demand) technology.


Publishing a digital book

Publishing a digital book is still the best way to promote and sell books using the Amazon platform. Thanks to our unique technological expertise, we are able to create eBooks that comply perfectly with all Amazon requirements. We combine our editing, designing and programming skills to offer total support throughout the entire publication process.


Cover designing

Cover designing is a major part of the ‘bestseller effect’. The cover is the first element that a reader sees and is thus a ‘primary impression’ factor that has a significant effect on sales. We at eBookPro put a lot of effort into the cover design process, based on scientific and technological research. We work with the best specialists in the brain-science and design fields to deliver the highest selling rates.



Translating a book into English is the basis for promoting on Amazon. We work with professional end experienced translators and specialize in personally matching each book and author with the best and most suitable translator. We are involved in the translation process from beginning to end, from initial reviews of the translation to final copyediting.