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Answers to FAQ

At what price would I be able to sell my book?

You will be able to sell your book at any price you would like to. That’s the beauty of the self-published writer model. You are the boss! We recommend selling a digital book for up to $4.99. The trick is to sell a large quantity at a reasonable price rather than a small amount at a higher price.


What is the self-published writer model?

Most of the titles are rejected by the big publishers because they cannot guarantee to cover the expensive process of launching a book and printing it in hundreds of thousands of copies. In addition, when working with a publishing company, all the significant decisions is made by the As a self-published writer you can be involved in the design, editing, translation and, marketing techniques – you are independent. You are the writer; you decide what is best for your book.


Do you specialize in a particular genre?

We do not specialize in one specific genre; we believe that every writer and every book is unique. We have published and promoted books onmany genres, such as children’s books, cooking, self-help, novels, thrillers, etc. However, there are genres which obviously have greater success on Amazon due to large readership. A good thriller book has a better chance to sell than a book about banana growing techniques in dry climates.


Do you earn royalties from mybook?

Royalties are yours alone. All royalties will be paid directly to your account on Amazon.


How will I know how many books
I have sold?

You will have full access to the book sales reports. The account on Amazon is yours, and you will manage and control it.


Do you promote any book / writer?

Unfortunately no. There are books that we cannot promote due to lack of sales potential on Amazon. Of course this says nothing about the quality of the book; that is our professional opinion regarding marketing alone.


What is the time table for the book promotion?

After the book is uploaded to Amazon, the process takes about 60 days before the day of the campaign.


What are the best selling formats on Amazon?

Digital is the best selling format on Amazon. You can publish your as a paperback, hardcover and, for US bank account holders, also an audio book.


Can I use the cover I have?

Of course you can. That being said, we might recommend some changes that you should consider in order to create a cover that would sell better.