Tools for Amazon vendors and sellers

We develop online tools for Amazon vendors and sellers, to help them optimize and scaleup their advertising campaigns on Amazon. Based on pre-defined rules, our online tool can automatically change the bids of the entire campaign, and thus achieve campaign optimization and maximize the ROI.



Branding is connected to the emotional part of our brain. It is what turns a product into one that can be easily identified and thus marketed.

eBookPro specializes in branding services which include target audience research, designing, naming, content writing, strategic and tactical programming.


Pay Per Click – PPC

PPC is a very effective marketing tool used to direct traffic to a product or website. This tool is associated with search engines and is based on keyword phrases.

eBookPro has developed a its own algorithm, based on keyword phrases relevant to the specific content, genre and target market, enabling the books and authors to appear first in those searches.


eBookPro in China

China is the second largest market in the world today which is continuously growing and widening its interests.

eBookPro has opened the doors of this market and maintains cooperation with various Chinese representatives.  eBookPro also promotes Chinese content to the world.


Book-Fair Representation

Book-fairs are one of the best platforms to promote content while meeting & working with worldwide representatives face to face.

eBookPro attends various book-fairs throughout the year.

Beijing – China International Book-Fair www.10times.com

Frankfurt – Germany Buchmesse www.buchmesse.de

London – England Book-Fair www.londonbookfair.co.uk

New-York – USA Book Expo www.bookexpoamerica.com

Bologna – Italy Children’s Book-Fair www.fair-point.com