Especially For Experts & Academics

eBookPro works with many authors and understands that each and every book requires its own special attention and expertise to create the best possible outcome. We guarantee complete understanding the book’s genre, the target audience and marketing platforms, the trends, and of course, the specific and personal goals of the author.

The experts we work with are by profession are Doctors, Lawyers, Military personnel, Politicians, Researchers, Professors in various fields and successful Businessmen and women. For them, writing is not always a profession, but rather a platform to promote their findings, ideas, understandings and success stories. Their vision – when writing a book, is to make their knowledge global and accessible to the world.

eBookPro understands what is needed for experts to realize their vision and has created a unique strategy which enables them to turn their personal knowledge into one that reaches readers all around the world.

The unique method that eBookPro has developed for the expert and Academics has to do with understanding the market potential as well as how to reach potential readers while focusing on the books’ genre.

eBookPro escorts the authors personally, through a specifically created process in accordance with their vision and objectives. The work begins with the very first pages of the book, continues through editing, producing, launching and promoting the published manuscript on Amazon, marketing it and then turning it into a well-received book.

The company also serves as a literary agency and represents the authors at exhibitions around the world, matching its content, the target market and the specific expert niche with interested parties.