Translating & Editing


Translating books into English is a craft that enables your book to reach the world. Since there are various types of writing and even more systems of translating, eBookPro specializes in matching each book and author with the best and most suitable translator, ensuring that the outcome is precise!

The translation manager at eBookPro – a translator and editor herself, watches over the process from beginning to end and makes certain that the book in English is accurate and professional and beautifully written.


Editing is a profession. The editing process can turn a book, whether translated or written in English from the start, into an enjoyable and impressive read. To achieve this goal, eBookPro matches each book and, author  with its most suitable editor.

The various editing modes include:
  • Proofreading: every manuscript that is received undergoes a proofread which comprises a formatting and grammar check. This includes sentence structure, spelling errors, indentation, quotation marks and much more
  • Copyediting: it is recommended that every completed book undergo a copyediting process. This can weed out inconsistencies, less than excellent statements or assertions, redundancies, plot holes and loose ends. Copyediting includes the proofreading service and allows for improvements that ensure clarity for readers such as footnotes, endnotes and unreferenced material
  • Literary Editing: this service is offered when there is a need to rewrite the manuscript or parts of it or to rearrange existing material. This service includes all of the above as well as the improvement of the book

Each translated book is automatically sent to be edited to one the the above modes in accordance with the requirements.